About the Life Education Foundation

The Life Education Foundation (LEF) was formed and registered officially as an NGO in 2008. Based in Tanzania, it aims to provide education and support to HIV positive orphans.

The LEF story began in 2005 when the Dunn family visited Tanzania and were aided by Philip Masonda, a local guide. Taken by his commitment to education, his support of an orphanage almost single handedly, and his energy and drive, the family returned six months later to spend more time with him. Following a visit to Philip's village, it was clear he was somebody quite special.

Taking a risk, the Dunns sent Philip $10k to start developing a seed of an idea that had been hatched with him around a camp fire. Philip spent the money wisely, purchasing the land on which the Life Education Foundation is based.

One of the most important philosophies at the LEF is sustainable development, and being able to be self supporting. In 2007 the farmland was looking good, and as a result fencing was built and a bore hole was drilled along with the planting of a combination of cash crops pineapple, sisal, mango, cashew, tomatoes). Subsistence crops were also planted for Philip's extended family that have moved onto the farm to look after it.

Good development meant a very successful piggery was established, as well as the rearing of chicken and geese for protein and to sell at market. In 2010 the building of toilet and washing facilities commenced as did work on improving accommodation and the kitchen.

Currently Philip isn't the only one working hard at the LEF, his brother Aldo is studying for a Masters in Education in order to become the first headmaster, and a cousin has recently begun training to join the LEF as a teacher.

The Life Education Foundation recieves funding from a group of committed individuals. The LEF has also been selected as the charity of the year by the British School in Brussels in which more greatly needed funds were raised.